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Electro Doc

Domestic and office Cleaning

Perfect Carpet cleaning
Honest and reliable work at affordable rate
Cleaning for a minimum of 3 hours, Hourly rate is 10£ per hour
Regular Cleaning
End of Tenancy
No Agency

Kitchen Floors counters cabinets cleaned outside inside, oven,fridge Microwave cleaned outside inside,sinks cleaned polished. Windowsills baseboards cleaned.Blinds dusted.

Living room Bedrooms Pictures,fans, furniture,TV dusted,floors cleaned (vacuumed and mopped) Windowsills and baseboards cleaned. Blinds dusted.:Counters, cabinets and furniture cleaned polished outside inside. Bathroom:Bathtubs cleaned, showers scrubbed,faucets,toilets cleaned,sinks mirrors cleaned.Windowsills and baseboards cleaned. .Bedding changed

One-Time Service (a deep and detailed cleaning)tenancy -£ 10 per hour
Wash window ledges Clean light fixtures,ceiling fans,wall hangings blinds
Spot clean walls and fingerprints Wash baseboards and chair rails
Vacuum upholstered furniture Clean glass on entrance doors clean sliding doors tracks
Remove cobwebs Empty bin
Make beds and change linens Pick-up and straighten dust furniture and decorative items
Clean kitchen sink Vacuum mop floors Clean mirrors and glass cobwebs removed
fridge,oven inside outside microwave sink doors cleaned
Floor/corners vacuumed cleaned

BATHROOMS dusting Mirrors sink shower tiles toilet cleaned
Wastebasket emptied cleaned Floor vacuumed cleaned
Rooms Cobwebs removed
Window sills frames blinds Lamps Light fixtures Pictures Furniture dusted
Carpet vacuumed Bed linens changed (if applicable)
bin emptied cleaned Under beds vacuumed

We will remove any dirt, dust and harmful bacteria from your carpet or upholstery our charge:

Studio flat- £45.00
One bedroom flat/house (1 room+ living room+ steps) £55.00-£60
Two bedroom flat/house (2 double rooms+living room + steps) - £65.00-£70
Three bedroom flat/house - £80-85£
Four bedroom flat/house - £95-115
Five bedroom flat/house - £120-140

Landing £6.00
Bathroom £5.00
Rug (small) £8.00
Rug (large) £10.00
2 seater sofa £18.00
3 seater sofa £23.00
Armchair £9.00
Dining chair £5.00
Office chair £5.00
Stool £7.00